To age gracefully, disgracefully or enhanced

As I get older the visible signs of aging become more apparent (doesn't that sound like an advert for moisturizers?).

Apart from my new zeal for the gym it's also that time of life that you seriously start to think about reversing some of the signs of aging.

One of the big issues I have is thinning hair and I have been taking propecia for several years to stop the good old hair from falling out. With great results, before taking it I was significantly thinning on top, but these days I do have a lot more hair.

Mind you if I started it much sooner I may have even more hair, but live and learn I suppose.

Up until a few years ago I used to keep my hair bleached blond (or at least highlighted) but stopped when my hair became thin and have never really gone back.

I do miss being a blond instead of a mousy brown, but the issue is now the grey hair is starting to show more and more.

Our first adopted child with the subtlety of a sledgehammer told me I should be putting a colour rinse through my hair to get rid of the blond streaks.

I didn't pay that much attention at the time but then I asked second adopted child and he suggested that maybe I should too.

I don't know about this, while I was young it was cool to colour my hair, but now I am frightened of being that old guy with the greying roots and unnatural hair colour.

Everyone knows one of those guys they see out there with a deep dark coloured hair but the roots show a totally different story.

The 2nd child and I got into a discussion about aging gracefully or disgracefully. And I said that I wanted to age with class like George Clooney who has great salt and pepper hair.

His response was "you don;t think he's hard other work done?"

Good point I suppose!

We are all mindful of our visible age as opposed to our actual age.

Depending on the day of the week I can look my age to look ten years younger. My skin is relatively wrinkle free (until I smile ) from using moisturizer on my skin since I was a teenager.

I tried botox a few months ago and will definitely have more even if the 2nd child told me I had creepy stare all the time, I just think I need to get some more and learn not to have creep look LOL.

I have been bleaching my teeth the last few weeks and am enjoying the results.

But the rinse through the hair is one that has me stumped, really stumped!

I don't want to try and look like a youngster I just want to look good for my age, and be age appropriate.

I have always said to myself I would not say no to a bit of a face tuck if I could be guaranteed of natural results and not end of looking like Jocelyn Wildenstein.

An old friend had some face work done a couple of years ago and it looked great. It was just the bags under his eyes removed some minor tightening and some skin peeling. And hey presto he looked 10 - 15 years younger.

Granted he was looking older than he was, but the results were great.

He even tried a hair rinse, but I think he got the wrong colour and ended up with dark black hair which looked kind of ridiculous on him.

So should we age gracefully like Katheryn Hepburn or should we pull out all the stops like Demi Moore?