The debate on Gay Marriage

Unless you live under a rock or don't read any news media the Californian Overturning of Proposition 8 has ignited the conservatives like nothing else.

The vitriol and hatred that is being spewed forth is just astounding (but not suprising) and I chuckle at some of the baseless and extreme views.

In one the many news articles I read during the weekend the comments from readers were fast and furious.

It's important to understand the core arguments against gay marriage to be able to rebuff them.

1) Homosexuality is a choice

I think by now all of us are aware that we have no choice in being gay, whether it's genetic, environmental or something else, we have as much choice as a person has choice of the eye color they are born with.

2) Marriage is sacred religious institution

Marriage is not religious, it is a legal contract between two consenting people.

3) Marriage is about procreation

Marriage is not about procreating otherwise people who are unable to have children would not be able to get married.

4) Children need a mother and a father

Countless studies have proven that children raised in same sex relationships are no worse off and in some cases are better off than in opposite sex relationships

5) Allowing same sex marriage will lead to allow pedophilia and bestiality and people marrying goats and horses.

This by far is the most ridiculous and stupid argument, the issue here is of CONSENT, two people getting married have CONSENT, children and animals do not have consent and because of this lack of consent child abuse and bestiality is abhorrent and insulting.

Sure there are so many other arguments that can be debunked but it's amazing how many times anti gay red necks use these arguments against us in our fight for equality.