Where have I been?

It's been ages since I posted last and there have been very good reasons.

The last month and a half have been very full on filled with stress and more stress.

My mother's dementia took a nose dive a few weeks back ending up back in hospital. Leading up to this her night time wanderings had got a lot worse, setting a small fire in the kitchen at 2 in the morning and having several small falls.

She became quite delusional and her grasp on any form of reality or common sense practically flew out the window.

The worst part for her and us has been the ever present confusion and associated anxiety. Her anxiety and confusion got so bad that she was in a right state and my poor father who looks after her was simply teetering on the edge of not coping at all.

She has been assessed as requiring secure dementia care and we are in the process of finding her a specialist aged care facility that can take her.

Dealing with all of this plus the anxiety of my sister has taken a huge toll on me mentally and physically.

There is so much to do and learn about all the ins and outs of aged care requirements and facilities. The paperwork is monstrous alone!

The gym has been thrown out the window of late, in between working at a huge pace, having to take off significant amounts of time to visit my mother and attend different doctors meetings with her and the family has taken all the emotional and mental strength I can find.

Couple that with starting a new staff member at the start of August and then yesterday having to terminate them for non performance it's just been a total bitch of a month and a half.

We have been lucky enough to also have some time off during this period, going to Port Douglas for a couple of days for a break (although work never quite stopped every day) and then last weekend going to the Gold Coast for a friends university graduation ceremony.

I am almost finished a major and I really mean major software upgrade to the main piece of software my company sells and should have this huge update ready to go by the end of this week which is very exciting.

It also means that once it's finished and all the bugs are ironed out I can focus back on other parts of the business and be a little less stressed with work.

Mind you having let go of the new staff member I need to find a replacement and I need to find a replacement quickly.

I still cannot believe just how tough it is to find engaged and stable employees, it's a bloody struggle and seems to be the biggest challenge of my business.

But I will soldier on and meet my goals, I just now need to get back to the objectives of quitting smoking and getting healthy again which is a real driving force for me.

Not sure when I will post again, I have a feeling I might have another burst of posting energy at the moment though, but who knows what tomorrow or even today will bring.