The problem with ....

My physio told me I could go back to the gym last week on light weights which I did on Saturday.

The first half of my workout was fine, on much reduced weights and I completed bench press wide and narrow grip supersets.

I then went over to the incline bench to do incline dumbbells and wide flies, but lifting the dumbbells and twisting sent shooting sharp pains through my arm and I dropped the weights.

Needless to say I with my arm now throbbing and swelling I decided to go home and ice it up and see what I had done.

I feel like the two weeks of arm rest has all been for nothing as I am pain again and arm stretching the arm with the exercises my physio gave me as often as I remember.

It's a real downer having this injury because I was so focused on getting the weights.

I think I need to find a gym instructor that can help me put together a workout routines that does not stress this particular injury as I have the distinct impression it's going to take a while for it to fully heal.

Tomorrow I will be back at the gym working on cardio and core strength again.

But trust me that is damn boring!